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Waste that is not considered to be a resource is simply a wasted opportunity

Preventing waste at its source, and putting unavoidable waste products to good use are vital components of a successful circular economy and Net Zero strategy, but achieving this in reality requires significant changes to how we live, how we do business and how we manage our villages, cities, towns and countries.   

Micro and macro solutions enable us to work with both businesses and the public sector, diverting waste from landfill and transforming it into useful resources for businesses and society.

Our team's experience spans sustainability in tourism, hospitality management and engineering, and is underpinned by an entrepreneurial spirit and determination to support significant step changes in businesses and across the public sector.  

We have teams on the ground in The Canary Islands and Belgium but our solutions are available globally.  

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Marcel Hendrickx


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Sustainability Solutions

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Manuel Pisci

Sales Manager

Accredited food waste consultant, former risk and safety manager, former hotel manager with over 30 years experience in the hospitality sector. 

Visionary and specialist in start up businesses and innovative energy efficiency technologies that support SMART CITY approaches to circular economy solutions.  

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Jo Hendrickx

Sustainability Advisor

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Enrique Soler

Sales & Marketing Advisor

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Giovanni Pitorri

Training & Marketing

Founder and CEO of Travel Without Plastic, working internationally to help tourism businesses and destinations reduce unnecessary single-use plastic waste.

Experienced hospitality professional working with well known international hotel brands, an advocate of sustainability and waste reduction in the HORECA sector.

Former lawyer in the field of commercial and corporate strategies, passionate about marketing, sales and Team Leading. Currently engaged in the world of tourism and leisure focusing on sustainability and circular economy.

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Christian Bluss

Sustainability Advisor

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Fernando Cabalero

Sustainability Advisor

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Horeca Sustainability Solutions


Former head of Thomas Cook's Hotel Purchasing department, driving the company’s commercial expansion for many years. He currently works as a consultant, focusing on sustainable business development in the travel industry. 

An industrial engineer with significant experience in renewable energy technologies and public/private sector project management in the Canary Islands and West Africa

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