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B:BOT Deposit Return

Intelligent Reverse Vending Machine, in-built shredder to increase capacity, reward customers and guests for returning plastic bottles and create a new income stream from the sale of shredded plastic. 

B:BOT Intelligent Reverse Vending System

Reverse vending machines are increasingly popular in supermarkets around Europe and beyond, rewarding customers with vouchers or discounts for depositing plastic bottles.

B:BOT works in a similar way however, it's intelligent technology allows it to assess the material placed into the chamber and it is capable of rejecting the wrong type of plastic, therefore avoiding contamination.

It also shreds the waste meaning that up to 3,500 bottles can be stored in the machine at any one time which has the added advantage of requiring less frequent emptying, and the new feedstock is ready to be sold.

Shredded plastic can be sold for around €600 per tonne to plastics manufacturers and up-cyclers.

Shredded plastic can also be used to feed a pyrolisis machine, this increases the production of fuel to a ratio of 60% as shredded plastic is much more easily converted into fuel. 
BBOT in a supermarket.JPG

Encourage recycling amongst citizens and travellers

The B:BOT can help to encourage recycing amongst citizens, particularly when it is strategically positioned in frequently visited places like supermarkets.

It is also a great opportunity for hotels, conference and event centres and other large venues to encourage on site recycling amongst guests, delegates and other visitors.  

Even if your business doesn't want to sell the shredded plastic, it can be separated and collected by your contracted waste management company.  The benefit is the visual commitment to recycling and the likelihood that more people will participate.

BBOT Lady putting plastic bottle in machine.JPG
B:BOT can form part of a wider CSR approach for hotels and conference centres, instead of rewarding users with discounts, it could generate vouchers that can be destined for charitable causes.  
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