Bio Digest  - from CIRC - Metabolism Belgium
BIOMETA accepts all food waste (including cooked or raw meat, cooked or raw fish, shellfish, small bones) hot or cold.
With a 23-liter Bio bucket you fill the BIOMETA by opening a hatch which gives access to a receiving tray. Once the hatch is closed, the container is pressurized to prevent air from entering the machine. The process must be carried out without any air supply.
When the waste is in the bin with the hatch closed, an evolving and learning artificial intelligence system analyzes and recognizes the different waste present. If the system detects non-admitted waste (cutlery, dishes, etc.) it will display an alert on the control screen and the machine is stopped while it is time to remove the unwanted waste.
Once the waste has been accepted, the machine will measure the weight of the waste and the machine will be programmed according to the type of waste present (+ - liquids). This is to obtain maximum efficiency.

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Once these operations are completed, the bin opens from below and the waste enters the shredder. They are thus ground into pieces smaller than 12 mm.
They then pass into the hygenization chamber by infrared lamp to meet European health standards.
Once the hygenization has been carried out, the necessary dose of water is added. On average, 1l per kg of waste.
Finally, this mixture passes into the anaerobic digestion chamber. The temperature will rise to 40 ° C. In the anaerobic digestion chamber, there is a cocktail of bacteria which are injected when the machine is started. Unless the machine is stopped for a long time, the bacteria must not be changed.
After 24 hours spent in the main digester, there is production of bio gas. This is an ongoing process with daily supply.

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• BIOMETA 50 - 50 Kg / day of food waste  =  5.840 m³ of gas / year 
• BIOMETA 100 - 100 Kg / day of food waste =   9.125 m³ of gas / year 
• BIOMETA 150 - 150 Kg / day of food waste =  13.870 m³ of gas / year 
• BIOMETA 200 - 200 Kg / day of food waste =   18,250 m³ of gas / year 

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Business Modèle:


BIOMETA 50 – Gaz propane - Belgium

Sale price:                                                                49.800 €

Gas tank, fertilizer, fitting out, connection:          5,000 €

                                                              Total cost:   54,800 €

7-year amortization - Annual cost:                        7,829  €

Quantity of waste treated per year:                     18,250 Kg

Quantity of bio gas produced / year:                     5,840 m³

Quantity of fertilizer produced / year:                    18,250 l

Production cost per m³ of biogas:                        € 1.34 / m³

Royalties on biogas production:                            € 0.03 / m³

Total biogas production cost:                                 € 1.37 / m³

Savings in the purchase of propane gas:               3,131 € / m³

Saving collection cost 250 € / T:                          0.781 € / m³

                                                  Total savings / m³:   3,912 € / m³

Final gain / m³:   2,542 € / m³

Sale of fertilizer - production of 18.250l at 1 € / L:   1,000 € / l

 Total savings in annual production:   € 33,095.28

                                         Return On Investment : 1.7 years