Reducing Single Use Plastic

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Single-use plastic is increasingly on the radar of today's consumers.  Every minute, the equivalent to a garbage truck of waste ends up in our oceans, harming wildlife, polluting coastlines and even entering our food chain.

Destinations around the world are responding and legislation to ban unnecessary single-use plastic is increasing, but not all alternatives are as green as they seem.  

Working with HORECA Sustainability Solutions we will help you to:

  • Identify where and how you are consuming single-use plastic and the cost to your business

  • Feel confident when it comes to making informed decisions about alternatives

  • Reduce single-use plastic and meet hygiene expectations


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  • Be clear on how much single-use plastic your business consumes and what it costs

  • Undertake your own self-assessment or use the tools within the Let's Reduce Single-Use Toolkit

Prioritize processes over products!

  • Be honest about which single-use items could be eliminated altogether or replaced with reusable alternatives rather than switching to single-use products of other materials

  • Look at brand standards through a waste reduction lens, what would you do differently?


  • Implement changes step by step, it can take time to embed change so don't give up at the first hurdle

  • Prioritize a Top 3 or Top 5 single-use plastics to eliminate or reduce and get your processes right for before tackling others

  • Create green teams or 'plastic reduction teams' that are motivated to make changes stick

  • Tell your customers WHY you are changing, how it actually improves their experience of your brand and how they can help

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Many establishments were already reducing or eliminating unnecessary single-use plastic, however the impact of COVID-19 sadly meant that many had to revert to single-use plastic, at least in the short term.

Now that we have all had some time to digest the challenges, we are opening our minds to the potential solutions and are beginning to understand that single-use plastic does not automatically guarantee hygiene standards.  

  • A statement by over 125 scientists confirms that single-use plastic does not guarantee hygiene standards, COVID-19 (as well as other viruses and bacteria) can survive on many surfaces, the difference is that single-use plastic creates significant waste, reusable items can be hygienically washed and used over and over again

  • Previously unthinkable strategies are becoming a reality, hotels are removing miniature bathroom amenities and mini bar contents to reduce the number of contact surfaces to prevent the spread of infection

  • Reusable coffee cups can be used with confidence if you follow 4 simple steps to serving 'contactless coffee'

  • Food and drink packaging continues to be one of the most challenging issues of our times when it comes to waste.  As innovation continues to forge ahead, it is important to know how to make the right decision about alternatives, taking care to choose materials that can be easily processed by the waste infrastructure in your destination

The plastic pollution crisis is still very much with us and we have to take even more steps now to reduce additional products that have come to market because of COVID-19.

Our partners at Greener Guest have created a FREE E-Learning on How to Reduce Plastic and Keep Guests and Customers Safe

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