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3D Solar Structures

3D photovoltaic technologies can generate more power from the same base area when compared to conventional flat solar panels.  A solid surface captures more energy than a flat surface, and can absorb the power of the sun throughout the day.


A solid surface captures more energy than a flat surface, and can absorb the power of the sun throughout the day.

Greater absorption means greater production, but also more constant and continuous production, without any dependence on accumulation peaks.

It is nature itself that provides us with the clearest example: trees, the oldest and most efficient “system” that uses solar energy, are neither two-dimensional, nor do they have a single exposure but instead collect energy from all directions.

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Easy to Install, no lifelines or scaffolding required.  The system is simple and modular, and thanks to a patented coupling system the panels are attached to the structure and secured in just a few steps.

High, Long-Term Efficiency, Dynamo® photovoltaic machines exploit a natural "chimney effect" by closing the structure on 3 slides, keeping the temperature inside the system below a maximum of 45 degrees, and guaranteeing high production in the long-term.

Add Value to your Property, these unique objects are stylish and a visual demonstration of your committment to solar energy, without requiring large areas of ground space or having to make alterations to roofing.  You can even use a integrated LED system to promote the amount of energy that is being saved and other sustainability information to raise your profile.  

System Integration, the machines can be integrated into exisiting photovoltaic systems and can independently power charging stations for electric vehicles.


Which Model is Best for your Business?

Choose from 3 models based on electric power, thermal power for heating and cooling and electric storage.

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Monolith 1.4.9

Electrical Energy Power = 3.04 kW

Electrical Energy Storage = 12 kWh

Cube only.JPG


Cube D6

Electrical Energy Power = 12.16 kW

Electrical Energy Storage = 32 kWh

Thermal Energy Power = 100 kW

Pyramid Only.JPG


Pyramid D8

Electrical Energy Power = 5.76 kW

Electrical Energy Storage = 16 kWh

Thermal Energy Storage = 30 kW

Pyramid Outside of a Building.JPG
Pyramid Tech Spec.JPG
Dynamo monolith outside a building.JPG
Monolith Tech Spec.JPG
Cube in outdoor hotel style setting.JPG
Cube Tech Spec.JPG

D8 Pyramid

A single integrated control system collects the electricity produced using a photovoltaic system and stores it into batteries. The energy produced is available anytime to fulfil your household or building needs while the energy in excess is stored to keep your home running during the night or  on cloudy days.

The thermal heart of the machine is represented by an innovative thermal heat pump and by two different storage systems.


Monolite is the perfect solution to achieve energy independence through self-production and the accumulation of electric energy from renewable sources such as sunlight.

Once installed, your building will be characterised by its high energy efficiency and minor negative impact on the environment. Furthermore, thanks to the battery system, the use of electricity from the network will be cut down, making the building highly independent and with zero impact.

One Monolite medium can produce approximately 3.200 kWh of electric energy satisfying the needs of a 120m2 house and more if installed as part of a series


D6 Cube

During the heating cycle, the heat pump captures heat energy from solar panels and from the earth. The excess of thermal energy can be completely tranferred into the soil that becomes a natural thermal storage. In summertime the heat pump reverses its cycle, subtracting heat from the buiding and moving it into the soil, ensuring performance for the following winter.

The photovoltaic system ensures the supply of electrical energy needed to power the heat pump system. When electicity production is high, an electric battery stores the surplus energy, and through an inverter sends it to utilities

Dynamo D6 can satisfy the energy needs of a 1300 square meter building: heating, cooling, electricity and hot water production. Due to its repeatability it can render even large buildings independent. The use of Gaia, compared to a traditional energy system, can annually avoid the emission of about 30 tons of CO2

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