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Intelligent E-Trailer

Reduce your CO2 impacts and divide your logistics cost by 10.  With 3,000 watts of electrical power and Kaptor®  effort cancellation technology, the K-Ryole trailer lets you effortlessly transport up to 250kg with any bike through urban spaces.  Replaces bulky, polluting vehicles, avoids traffic jams and doesn't need to pay the parking meter.

The K-Ryole for Businesses

Towns and cities are increasingly crowded and heavy traffic fumes have a negative impact on our health and well-being.  

From a business perspective, did you know that the last kilometre of any delivery accounts for around 20% of the cost of freight transport.

Cargo bikes, tri-carriers / twin-carriers, conventional and motorized trailers are solutions that are increasingly being adopted by major players in urban logistics.

They're economical to purchase and even more economical in use, cyclo-logistics is emerging as the undisputed successors of the Light Commercial Vehicle.

Stand out from other delivery and collection services and help your clients achieve their #NetZero objectives 

The K-Ryole for Waste Collection

In the city of Blois, France K-Ryole trailers are used to collect organic waste from special community bins, delivering an average of 600kg and 1 ton of food and other organic waste to composting sites.  

The separation of bio-waste so that it can be transformed into compost is due to become law in many countries in Europe as part of the strategic efforts to reach #NetZero goals.  

It makes sense that this waste is transported in the most sustainable way, rather than relying on bulky diesel waste collection lorries which undermine emissions reductions.  

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Using K-Ryoles to collect organic waste and re-distribute compost to participating households creates Green Jobs, keeps towns and cities clean, avoids polluting fumes and reduces CO2 emissions.
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