Air Filtration


Professional Ozone Generator

Safely and effectively disinfects and sanitizes any space up to 80m².

Unique technology, double de-ozonization and oxygenation cycle.

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  • Double Cycle System, de-Ozonization and Oxygenatior.

  • Faster Access to the Area thanks to Oxygenation.

  • Ozone Generator with Corona Discharge.

  • Low Power Consumption.

  • Active Carbon Filters.

  • Measuring Ozone Levels Detector in Real-Time.

  • Running LED Status Light.

  • Controlled by Bluetooth Connectivity and Mobile APP .

  • Measures: 440x310x310 cm.

  • Several Disinfection Programs.

1,132  € HT Belgium +  transport
Available directly
1,067 € all Incl Canaries + transport
Delivery of 10 days
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