Products & Services for Businesses

Practical, affordable solutions helping business to reduce waste and save money

Food Waste Prevention

Simple and practical app-based technology to reduce food waste by 30-40% and costs by 3-5% per cover, and recognition with micro-certification. 

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Food Waste to Compost

Convert food waste into compost in as little as 15 days on site, eliminate food waste collection costs and reduce food to landfill

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Food Waste to Biogas

Convert food waste into biogas that can be piped straight into kitchens or boiler rooms, significantly reducing energy bills and keeping food waste out of landfill

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3D Solar Energy Structures

Stylish and space saving compared to conventional panels, can be equipped with LED screens to promote your brand or drive income from advertising.

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Biogas to Electricity

Combine your biodigester with the GreenLifePro Power Unit to create electricity and heat, making considerable savings on costs.  

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Converting non recyclable plastic

Turn non-recyclable plastic packaging & products into a primary material to increase the percentage of recycled content available to the market

Glass Bottles to Sand

Transform non-returnable bottles into a new income stream, crushing them into coarse sand suitable suitable for swimming pool filters, golf course bunkers, sand-blasting or construction. 

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B:BOT Deposit Return System

The in-built shredder increases capacity, reward customers and guests for returning plastic bottles and create a new income stream from the sale of shredded plastic to recyclers and upcyclers.

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Battery Powered E-Trailers

Transport up to 250kg with minimal effort and emissions, improves access around city centres and crowded areas, ideal for delivery or collection services, or to move heavy goods around your premises.

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Ultra-Purified Water

Great tasting water without wasteful osmosis or plastic bottles, significantly reduces costs and the transport emissions associated with delivery and collection of glass bottles. 


Air Purification & Disinfection

Create safer spaces, remove odours and improve air quality in any indoor environment.  Efficient and stylish using enclosed UV-C rays and grade HEPA-13 filters for excellent results.

Single-Use Plastic Reduction

Micro-certification that supports hospitality businesses to eliminate single-use plastic without compromising the guest experience and whilst being mindful of the impacts of alternatives.