Upcycle - Composting 


  • The range of products takes its name from Demeter, the Greek goddess of fertility, agriculture, and harvests.

  • By composting your biodegradable waste, you are taking a step toward achieving food autonomy.

  • Restaurants that compost 100% of their biowaste produce enough compost to grow 100% of the vegetables they need! Do not settle for being environmentally neutral. Instead, opt for an even greener future!

Recycling your bio-waste, it's vital, it's a legal requirement
1/3 of our bins are bio-waste and composed of 80% of water


The law now requires companies and communities to:

  • sort bio-waste at source

  • enhance them by favoring a return to the ground as compost

Food Waste.jpg

Green Waste

Food waste and chopped wood

Day 0 to day 2

Day 2 to day 15
Temperature  controlled approximately 65°

Day 15

Production of composting aerobic

Image Composteur.png

Low energy cost:

Less than 200€ per year 

Thermophilic bacteria which is degraded and will sanitize the ingredient

Compost sanitized on Norme NFU 44-051
Compost needs around 6 weeks to fully mature 


  • Accepts all types of bio-waste: cooked, raw, meat, manure, citrus fruits, wooden crates, cardboard

  • Barely 30 minutes / day to use the machine


  • >60°C by the natural action of bacteria (No need for outside heating sources)

  • Optimal carbon Balance (<10Kg CO2 equiv. per Ton)

  • Compost = Substantive amendment for living soils


  • Odour free

  • Completely safe

  • Internal temperature above 60°C

  • Complies with Health regualtions (SPAn3)

DEMETERRA 330 - Upcycle

Capacity 330kg/ day 365 day/year

With automatic shredder 

Image Compost 150.jpg

120 liters bin loading or direct

Auto weighing

Compost disposal by 900L

pallet bin, 1 handling / 3 days


  •  Programmable

  •  Remotely controlled

  •  Automatic traceability


  • Odor destroyer

  • Accepts meat, fish and biodegradable plastic

  • Oxygenetion and reinforced insulation


  • Waterproof  

  • Indoor or outdoor installation

  • Integrated grinder / shredder (optional)


  • Made in France 

  • Create local partnerships 

  • Donate compost to local organisations