In a world where quality of air, virus control, and customer confidence is a priority; Scarecrow is the ultimate commercial grade air purifier.

Using powerful UV-C rays, hospital grade HEPA-13 and carbon filtration, this ultra-smart air purification unit cleans the air inside your facility, continuously killing bacteria, viruses and odours.

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Powerful Disinfection to Eliminate Airborne Viruses and Pollutants

Scarecrow devices are a powerful commercial UV air purifier, using class-leading UV light technology to eliminate airborne viruses and pollutants, purifying an indoor area up to 500m2.

The UV light used in the Scarecrow purification process is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, with UV-C in particular having highly effective germicidal properties. For decades, it has been utilised to disinfect drinking water, the air and all manner of surfaces against a myriad of pathogens.

Key to Scarecrow’s proficiency in disinfecting indoor spaces, UV-C light is the virus destroying core of the device, keeping rooms consistently clean and free of harmful pathogens


What are the benefits?


Hospital grade UV air purifier with HEPA-13 filters and UV-c light technology


Stylish design and excellent build quality


Simple, fast and efficient solutions for premium air quality


Works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep air clean and safe


Safe for people to be around


Ehances customer and employee confidence


Low energy consumption 


Eliminates airborne bacteria, viruses, odours, mould spores and allergy-inducing pathogens

How does it work?



Air Filtration for large premises and indoor spaces

Up to 500m² 


Northern Fairy

Air Filtration for domestic or small premises

Up to 40m² 



Disinfection for smaller spaces

Up to 80m² 



Disinfection for large spaces commercial / work areas

Up to 300m² 

What shoud I know before usinga Scarecrow?

How long do the UV bulbs last?

The UV bulbs have a duration of 9,000 hours. We recommend a bulb change once a year.

How often should I change the filters?

We would recommend changing both the carbon and HEPA filters once every 6 months. However, this can vary dependent on the environment. If you’re unsure, feel free to contact us and we can give you more information

Is it safe to use a Scarecrow around people?

Yes, Scarecrow is 100% safe for use around people. The UV-C radiation is hidden behind two outer casings of steel and aluminium, as well as a polarised screen on the front. All disinfection takes place inside the device.

Is cleaning with UV safe?

The great advantage of these air purification towers is that they do not generate direct exposure to UV-C rays when sanitising. Whilst ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eyesight and skin of humans, the cleaning process takes place inside the device, preventing harmful exposure of UV-C light rays to people. Scarecrow is 100% safe and able to purify a living, working or public area without posing any risk to public health.

How easy is it to operate a Scarecrow?

To operate Scarecrow, it requires just two simple steps: 1) You must connect the machine to the power supply. Preferably place it in the centre of the room, so that it can clean at a greater range. 2) Select the desired program and it will begin purifying and purifying your environment