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Hands in the Soil

Circular economy solutions for a

sustainable hospitality sector

Helping businesses to reduce waste, cut energy bills, meet upcoming legislation and improve reputational impact 

Around 40% of food produced in the world is wasted.  At the same time, an average hotels is discarding around 10-20% of food before it even reaches the customer's plate.  

If your business spends an average of 250,000€ annually on its food budget, up to 50,000€ could quite literally be thrown into bin.

We work with hotels and hospitality businesses to implement programmes that will help them to:

  • Reduce food waste costs per cover by 3-5%

  • Reduce food waste volume by 20-30%

  • See a return on investment in a matter or months

We also help businesses to put unavoidable food waste to good use with our decentralized biogas systems that will slash energy costs and avoid food waste to landfill.

Biogas can be directly piped into the kitchen for cooking, connected to water heating systems to pre-heat hot water or connected to a generator to create electricity.  

Where gas is not used, business can turn food waste into compost that can be donated back to local farmers as part of a wider social responsibility programme.

Latest News 
Cap Gemini Consumer Insights Front Cover Screen Shot.png

72% of consumers have become more conscious about food waste, compared to 33% before the pandemic.  What can your business do about it?

September 2022


Proyecto y Ayudas Lanzarote.png

Oportunidad para hoteles y restaurantes en Lanzarote a reducir el desperdicio alimentario a traves de un proyecto promocionado por la Federación Turística de Lanzarote

Septiembre 2022


Working with Hospitality Businesses
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With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, our sustainable solutions are practical and affordable, helping businesses to reduce waste and costs and to meet the increasingly discerning expectations of customers and guests. 

Working with the Public Sector
Image by Vivianne Lemay

From food waste prevention and transformation in schools and hospitals to community composting infrastructure and citizen campaigns, we reduce the burden of waste management  facilities and promote healthier, greener towns and cities. 

Working with Supermarkets 
In the Supermarket

Our technology enables supermarkets and shopping centres to put waste to good use, transforming food waste into a nourishing compost or converting it to gas or electricity to use on site. 

About us
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We’re helping businesses to keep waste out of landfill and to transform waste into new resources, saving businesses money, creating new income streams, green jobs and contributing to wider corporate responsibility objectives. 

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