Air Filtration & Disinfection

Air purifiers trap unhealthy micro-organisms through filters, but they don't destroy them.


With Wizard's air disinfection system with UV-c technology, germs and bacteria are completely eliminated, creating healthier and safer environments.


Whether you’re looking to control harmful pathogens, purification, odour removal or to improve the environment in your workplace, our devices use cutting edge technology to enable your indoor space has safer, cleaner air.

For more information on each one of the machines, how they work and their technical specifications, simply click the images below:



Air Filtration for large premises and indoor spaces

Up to 500m² 


Northern Fairy

Air Filtration for domestic or small premises

Up to 40m² 



Disinfection for smaller spaces

Up to 80m² 



Disinfection for large spaces commercial / work areas

Up to 300m² 

Which product is best for my business?

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Tell me more about UV-C technology

What are the benefits of UV-c technology?

Introducing UV-C technology into your facility allows for a non-toxic, proven way of eliminating airborne bacteria and viruses from indoor spaces quickly and efficiently. The difference with our UV-C technology is the crucial factor of dosage emitted upon pathogens when passing through our machines. For UV-C to be effective, it must be able to provide the correct wavelength, power, and dosage. This is crucial when choosing a device, as without it, it is unlikely there will be enough power to emit the required dosage to destroy harmful pathogens within a small time period.

How does UV-c technology work?

Class-leading UV-C light eliminates airborne viruses and other pollutants in an indoor area. With powerful germicidal properties, each of our UV devices use a powerful ventilation system, thoroughly purifying and disinfecting an indoor environment.

How effective is UV-c technology in killing bacteria and viruses?

This type of ultraviolet ray (UV-c) is particularly effective in destroying the genetic material of micro-organisms such as viruses and bacteria, preventing their replication. Since its discovery in 1878, it has become a basic method of sterilisation, being used every day in hospitals, aeroplanes, offices and even food factories. Unlike ultraviolet A (UV-a) and ultraviolet B (UV-b), UV-c rays have a shorter and more powerful wavelength than the others. This makes it possible for UV-c rays to kill all types of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

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